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Torey Battelle

Colorado School of Mines
Assistant Director of Research Computing
Denver CO
Hello! I'm a computational physicist at Colorado School of Mines. I began my life at Mines in 2006; I earned my PhD in Physics in 2013, and have been part of Mines' HPC team ever since. My PhD research focused on modeling actinide systems; mainly the evolution of $UO_2$ as it undergoes fission in nuclear fuel pins, along with the behavior of the fission products Kr and Xe. I also studied the ternary $CaAl_2Si_2$ in the context of thermoelectric materials, teasing out the mechanisms influencing its structural preferences. Ra, Mines' state-of-the-art HPC resource (at the time) was my computational universe and the initiation into my current raison d'être, progressing from Ra through our iDataPlex, our BlueGeneQ and our heterogeneous condo model cluster Mio, and proceeding (shortly!) with Mines' brand new supercomputer, Wendian. While the focus of my work remains in HPC, I've become dedicated to the emerging Research Computing movement; I contribute to its development through active collaboration with several diverse RC communities, organizations and online initiatives. The underlying commitment I make through my work is to support research and researchers by offering top quality guidance in the most current HPC environment Mines can sustain. I'd be very excited to discuss any of the topics I've mentioned, along with related interests and new paths to explore, with anyone looking to do the same! An aside: quantum information/computation is a favorite diversion of mine at the moment; I would welcome informal chats should that pique anyone's interest as well! Happy PEARC20!
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